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Thank You to our Sponsoring Advertisers. West Virginia Nevada Kentucky Texas South Carolina Alabama Arkansas Oklahoma Louisiana The health determinants among these factors include extent of Early Prenatal Care positive factor , Primary Care Physicians positive factor , and Geographic Disparity negative factor. Health Outcomes: Indicators of health results that have already occurred, which measure the overall level of health in the state, such as extent of death, disease, missed days due to illness, or hospitalizations for preventable conditions.

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  5. The specific health Outcomes measures used in the report included: extent of Preventable Hospitalizations negative factor , Diabetes negative factor , Poor Mental Health Days negative factor , Poor Physical Health Days negative factor , Infant Mortality negative factor , Cardiovascular Deaths negative factor , Cancer Deaths negative factor , and Premature Death negative factor. Challenges: Obesity: The prevalence of obesity increased percent from Login to Post Comments.

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    Thank You to our Sponsoring Advertisers Welcome. As of August , Georgia has the highest unemployment rate in the country 8. Georgia falls below national averages in rankings of state population health. Disparities in health and health care access exist in Georgia. Compared to Blacks and Hispanics, a higher share of White residents in Georgia smoke and report frequent mental distress, but Whites are less likely to be obese or have diabetes.

    White residents in Georgia are nearly twice as likely as Blacks not to have had a doctor visit in the past 2 years but are more likely than Blacks and Hispanics in the state to report having a usual source of health care. These trends are mostly consistent with national data on health status and access by race and ethnicity. As in other states, most Georgians are covered by private health insurance.

    Health Care State Rankings 2011

    Medicaid and CHIP help to fill gaps in the availability of private coverage, mostly for children, since Medicaid eligibility for adults has historically been limited to parents with very low incomes. While a majority of Medicaid enrollees in Georgia are children, the elderly and disabled account for most of the expenditures in the program.

    Although Medicaid and CHIP play an important role in coverage for some populations in Georgia, many individuals remain uninsured. As of , Georgia had among the highest uninsured rates in the country, with more than one in five nonelderly residents lacking coverage see Figure 4. Similar to the uninsured in other states, most uninsured Georgians are low-income individuals from working households. Figure 7: Characteristics of the Nonelderly Uninsured in Georgia, A main goal of the Affordable Care Act ACA is to extend health coverage to many of the 47 million nonelderly uninsured individuals across the country, including many of the 1.

    The Supreme Court decision on the ACA effectively made the Medicaid expansion to adults a state option, and Georgia is not currently implementing the expansion. However, many uninsured Georgians are still eligible for financial assistance to enroll in coverage, particularly through the Marketplace.

    County Health Rankings & Roadmaps

    Georgia is one of 23 states not currently implementing the ACA Medicaid expansion, which could, if implemented, extend Medicaid coverage to nearly , low-income uninsured adults in the state. However, citing concerns about state costs, Georgia Governor, Nathan Deal, announced in that Georgia would not implement the expansion. Many state legislative officials have also opposed the expansion, and in early , the state General Assembly passed HB prohibiting Medicaid expansion without prior legislative approval.

    Without the Medicaid expansion, Medicaid eligibility for adults remains very limited Figure 8. More than , uninsured poor adults who would have been eligible for Medicaid under the expansion fall into a coverage gap. Adults with income below poverty and above Medicaid limits in Georgia are ineligible for Medicaid or for financial assistance to obtain private coverage through the Marketplace Figure 9.

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    In Georgia, the coverage gap has a disproportionate effect on people of color. These simplifications, which included new requirements to streamline the Medicaid application process, were expected to promote increased enrollment among individuals who were already eligible for Medicaid or CHIP before the ACA but had not enrolled, many of whom are children.

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    Under the ACA, states had the option to establish their own State-based Marketplace, build a Marketplace in partnership with the federal government, or default to the Federally-facilitated Marketplace. Governor Deal announced in November that Georgia would not set up a State-based Marketplace, making the state one of 27 for which the federal government has established and is running the Health Insurance Marketplace. Support for outreach and enrollment in Georgia is being provided by the federal government and private organizations such as Enroll America.

    Both groups worked with networks of partners to help consumers enroll in coverage through the Marketplace and in Medicaid and CHIP. In April , however, the Georgia State Assembly passed HB , prohibiting any state-funded entity, including the University of Georgia, from applying for grants to assist consumers with the Affordable Care Act. Georgia is home to 29 federally qualified health centers FQHCs , together operating clinic sites throughout the state. Georgia has 57 safety net hospitals and 21 rural hospitals.

    Eight hospitals in the state have shut down since These closures may increase pressures on existing hospitals in the state and further reduce the ability of patients to access needed care, particularly in rural areas. With over 9. More than one in five nonelderly people in Georgia is uninsured, and high unemployment rates and poorer than average health care outcomes for many measures suggest a greater need for health coverage among many low-income Georgians.. Outreach and education at the state and local level are important in engaging those who are eligible for new coverage under the ACA to enroll and appropriately access and utilize care.

    There is much to watch in Georgia looking forward.

    Health Care State Rankings 2011 Health Care State Rankings 2011
    Health Care State Rankings 2011 Health Care State Rankings 2011
    Health Care State Rankings 2011 Health Care State Rankings 2011
    Health Care State Rankings 2011 Health Care State Rankings 2011
    Health Care State Rankings 2011 Health Care State Rankings 2011

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